About – our company

A new way of student living

SweetSpot started with a simple thought: students deserve better places to live. The idea was to create houses for friends to learn how to make a home together, in places for 4 to 7 people, because long corridors and anonymous doors don’t make for good communities.

Re-imagining renting

We felt that the traditional student property rental process of estate agents with brick and mortar offices was redundant for students, so we set out to change it. We have no physical office and our tenancy application process is completely online, and that means no admin fees. The whole process is handled online, from booking viewings through to paying your deposit. Less waste by us means better living for you.

Homes not halls

Having been through the horrors of student halls ourselves, we’re determined to buck the trend of bleak battery-farm corridors. While you’re learning from books, you should also be learning how to live. We strive to provide the best possible environment to make a home in with your friends.

Living designed differently

Digs needn’t be dives, so we work with John Lewis and an interior designer to make sure our houses are gorgeous. That’s not all: broadband ready to go, a TV in the living room with the license paid, a dishwasher, fridge and freezer as big as we can get them, plenty of bathrooms and a garden, with everything tested for safety and security. We provide everything you need to get on with the best bit: living.