Holding Payment Agreement

You can secure this property by making a (payment_amount) holding payment. If you then sign a tenancy agreement for this property, the (payment_amount) holding payment will become part of your first rent payment. If you change your mind, and do not sign up to this property, you will lose your holding payment.

Please note the terms of the holding payment:
This is paid to take the property of the market and for references to be taken on your guarantors. The property is taken off the market for a maximum of 6 weeks. We at SweetSpot feel that it is unfair for tenants to pay for reference checks like you would with most agents. Provided your guarantors reference checks pass we will cover the cost. Yes we will cover the cost. Therefore your holding payment will go as part of your first months rent. If for whatever reason your guarantors do not pass the reference checks the holding payment will be lost to cover the cost of taking them up and loss of marketing time for new tenants. The holding payment will be lost if you change your mind, decide not to go ahead for whatever reason, and/or if no tenancy agreement is signed within 6 weeks of making a holding payment. The contract term you will be agreeing to is 50 weeks as advertised.

By clicking the button below, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions  and will be automatically directed to the PayPal website where you can make your holding payment.