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Do you have a first class house to let?

We're now offering a hassle-free management service for homes that meet the SweetSpot standard.

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If you have a property with distinction to let in Oxford, Nottingham or Exeter then you may be interested in SweetSpot's professional property management services.

We can help you find suitable tenants, manage all the financial details, take care of any problems that may crop up and even guarantee your rental income if you require. Above all we want our clients to feel they can trust and rely on our expert services.

Exclusively providing high quality student accommodation means that we are always interested in adding suitable homes to our portfolio. In return we aim to offer a comprehensive answer to your student property management needs.

Why choose SweetSpot?

Just as we provide the best rental accommodation for students, SweetSpot has the same level of commitment to our property management services:

Complete Management Service

We handle everything, giving you complete peace of mind. If any issues arise we have trusted ‘supermums’ in all areas that will swing into action to take care of any problems quickly and efficiently, without the need to trouble you for every little thing.

For further examples of the kind of issues you can trust us completely to deal with on your behalf see our landlords FAQ page.


When it comes to any kind of repair issue SweetSpot property management take total ownership of the problem – however big or small. We have a dedicated in-house team who can handle anything that may happen.


SweetSpot ensures that all our properties and services comply fully with current legislation and regulations. You can trust us to operate in a completely transparent manner at all times.


We rent only to students. With SweetSpot property management you can forget about having to find suitable tenants — we handle the complete application process, including vetting and references, as well as obtaining appropriate security deposits.

Guaranteed Rental Income

As well as normal rent collection for a small additional fee we can even guarantee your rental income.

Why rent to students?

Student accommodation has long been seen as the low-water mark of rented properties. However, many individuals in higher education have the means and the desire to rent homes to a much higher standard.

SweetSpot is dedicated to developing a brand famous for providing high-quality student homes within our target locations in the UK.

Further information about SweetSpot can be found on our about page.

Find suitable tenants with SweetSpot

You can rely on SweetSpot to find only the most suitable tenants for your property thanks to our comprehensive application process…

What's the next step?

You'll find lots more information on our landlords FAQs page
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We'll be delighted to arrange a viewing of your property with our local representative. Once approved, you can relax while we handle the rest of your property management needs.