meerkat family

We all know it can be a little daunting when you move into your first home. Our houses are designed to give you room, and plenty of it, because we appreciate that having your own space is important, but so is sharing it with the right people. Sometimes you need to reach out beyond your immediate friendship group and enter a new community.

Most of our homes cater for 6 people, but we welcome you if you’re in a smaller group or want to strike out on your own. 

If you’re looking to find some great flatmates feel free to post on our Facebook page, or tweet us and we will match you up with other groups / individuals. We encourage you to meet up and go for a drink or two and see how you get on. We know it can take time to find the right people. If we do our job right, which we usually do, then you could end up with friends for life. 

Click here for our 6 bed options in Nottingham or Exeter.

Woo Easter!

We like to spoil our tenants so we’ve sent everyone a tasty egg to nibble on for this festive period.

SS Easter Card v1-2

But we don’t want you to eat it straight away. Instead, go on an adventure with your little chocolate buddy take some snaps and send them to @sweetspothomes or The one which makes us laugh the most gets £20 cash. You buy more eggs with that and start a little egg family. Or get a couple of bottles of wine…or go to a gig. Whatever, just take pictures so we can laugh at you.


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