Finished product

You may have noticed last week was National Apprenticeship Week. In Nottingham, they celebrated in style by matching apprentices  with local artists, to set about creating a series of sculptures in the Creative Quarter, which were unveiled last week. In fact, due to the success of the week the sculptures are going to stay put for another few days so head down and take a look.

We caught up with local designer Simon Dunn of Seismik, to find out about the concept behind the piece he worked on.

Dunn and his team made of admin apprentices discussed that “rather than thinking about it as ‘admin’, each of the apprentices acts as a support framework for their respective departments”. He argues that apprenticeships offer young people a “different approach” to university, one that allows them to learn skills and earn a wage, this point is clearly reflected in the piece his team created: “you see different things dependent on your approach up to the work. From afar it is a purely sculptural looking piece. The pure white wooden struts sticking up look like a futuristic skyline reaching up. The line all facing upwards, aiming for the sky, the sky’s the limit: from this distant viewpoint the work can evoke these sort of thoughts.”  However, once you get closer the struts begin to merge and contort, “order becomes chaos”.

The piece seems to toy with these ideas of creating order from chaos, as Dunn rightfully points out “the apprentices are the unseen vital support level for administration at the city council.”

Watch this time-lapse video to see for yourself or click here to explore the full journey.

Plinth Project “Making of” from Seismik on Vimeo.