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Who wants to give money to PR companies? Not us. We figure that the people who could benefit most from £200 cash are you guys. Whether you’re already completely perfect and live in a SweetSpot home or out there in the world of far inferior houses not made by us, we invite you to take part.

About SweetSpot:

SweetSpot started with a simple thought: students deserve better places to live. The idea was to create houses for friends to learn how to make a home together, because long corridors and anonymous doors don’t make for good communities.

What do I do?

It’s a simple process:

1. Refer a friend
2. They visit a house and decide they want it
3. When they put their holding deposit down get them to refer your name

It’s as easy as that – once your friend takes a home with us, they will pass on your details and we’ll send you £200 to do with as you please, you can even split it with them if you fancy.

Promote our homes on twitter, facebook and to your friends.


Not our favourite subject but here goes: if you promote, yell about and spread the word enough to rent out, say 5 of our properties, you’ll get £1000 in your pocket!


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