About you

What course are you on? What do you like about it?

Business Management and Psychology at Exeter. As I am on a flexible combined honours course I got a lot of choice about the modules I take. I really enjoy applying my knowledge of how people work and behave to my understanding of businesses.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Exeter?

Go to The Old Firehouse pizzeria or go to the cinema with my friends.

What the best kept secret on your campus?

I love the sanctuary on campus, it’s so quiet in there – lovely to study (and you can eat!) or the new study space upstairs in Devonshire house called The Loft – hardly anyone knows about it yet so it’s perfect.

What advice would you give people wanting to move to Exeter to study?

It’s such a diverse place. It’s not just partying and sports teams, there is cultural beauty, SHOPPING, and even museums and 
beautiful libraries – there really is something for everyone. Only issue is the hills! Way too many hills – layering is an important fashion skill.

Laura's Room

Laura’s Room

Finding the right home:

How did you find your flatmates for your new home? How did you decide to move in together?

We all lived together in our uni allocated flat in first year and decided it would be easy and fun to stay together.

When did you sign up to move in? Did you leave it till the last minute?

We signed up pretty early, maybe November. We paid our deposit and signed contracts in early January.

How was your flat/house hunting experience? What would you do differently (if anything) next time?

It was so difficult purely because we hadn’t decided EXACTLY what we wanted / location. Once you have a list of things you want it’s a lot easier to find and evaluate properties. Next time, I would also think carefully about the cost of where you are living – compared to other similar or close places.

It can be a stress finding the right home, what made you choose this one?

We liked the location and the condition of the house was excellent – far better than any of the other houses we had seen.

What’s your favourite thing about your new home? Why?

Having a living room area probably! So nice to all sit around the TV on weekends and watch terrible television.