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nick new

Nick Webb

Managing Director

Since he was a scruffy teenager Nick has been running start-ups. His previous start-up was an organic breakfast business. No longer making breakfasts at 5am, Nick has been running SweetSpot since its inception in 2009.

If you’re popping in to the office, Nick will have a cappuccino and a financier.


Andy Webb


After over 25 years in banking, culminating in running Lloyds TSB Offshore, Andy decided to start up his own business in 2000 concentrating on the high net worth market. He was the CEO of the Marussia Formula One team from 2011 to 2014.

If you’re popping in to the office, Andy will have a cold glass of water on its own.


Kevin Shopland

Head of Development

Kevin has had 25 years experience building and refurbishing residential properties to a very high standard, from large projects to one-off houses and apartments. He has two teenage children both of which he wants to go to university.

If you’re popping into the office Kevin will have a nice cup of tea with as many biscuits as he can get away with.