129 Grosvenor Road

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Property: 129 Grosvenor Road L15 0EZ View in Maps
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4 Bedroom house
1 bathroom
High speed fibre optic internet
Double beds

This converted church hall is quite something! It’s fully furnished with an open plan living room and kitchen with a large corner sofa, large TV and modern appliances. All bedrooms have double beds with desks, desk chairs, bedside tables and wardrobes!

Grosvenor Road is close to loads of Liverpool’s bars and restaurants, a 24-hour Asda, Sefton Park, the City Centre and Uni. The nearby buses run 24 hours a day too – and if you’re coming with a car, there’s free on-street parking.


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Property unavailable
Bookings for this property are not currently available.
Price: £113 P/W per person (Bills included)
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