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Property: 164 Harrington Drive NG7 1JH View in Maps
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6 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
Double beds
High speed fibre optic internet

Your Relaxed Hub on Harrington Drive: 6 Bedrooms, Easy Living with Backyard BBQ Vibes

Step into your laid-back haven on Harrington Drive, where easy-going vibes and student life meld seamlessly. This 6-bedroom student pad goes beyond a place to rest; it’s your chill zone for carefree living, featuring a backyard primed for casual BBQ get-togethers.

Distinctive Features:

  • Comfortable Retreats: Unwind in any of our six cozy bedrooms, each crafted for relaxed studying and downtime. It’s all about embracing comfort and keeping things laid-back.
  • Casual Hangout Nooks: Enjoy our expansive communal spaces—perfect for laid-back hangouts, game nights, or just kicking back with your housemates. This is your personal canvas for creating memories.
  • Outdoor Entertaining: Venture into your private garden oasis, designed for casual BBQ parties. Fire up the grill, invite friends over, and craft unforgettable moments in your own outdoor hotspot.
  • Central Charm: Positioned on Harrington Drive, we’re at the heart of student life. With campus nearby and local hotspots surrounding us, it’s the ideal blend of laid-back living and convenience.
  • Swift Connectivity: Stay plugged in with high-speed Wi-Fi because, in this casual abode, connectivity is seamless. Stream, game, or scroll—whatever fits your vibe.

Your university journey is about finding your rhythm, creating lasting memories, and embracing everyday moments. This 6-bedroom student retreat on Harrington Drive, with its backyard BBQ charm, is tailored for those who appreciate the art of easy-going living.

Eager to transform Harrington Drive into your laid-back escape with a dash of backyard fun? Reach out now and secure your spot!

Propery shape
Propery shape
Property unavailable
Bookings for this property are not currently available.
Price: £164 P/W per person (Bills included)
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Just launched for 2024-25!