32 Thornycroft Road

£123 p/w per person (+£21 pppw for bills)
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Property: 32 Thornycroft Road L15 0EW View in Maps
Property Status: Available
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6 Bedrooms
Double beds
2 Bathrooms
High speed fibre optic internet

High-end living, at an affordable price – with all-over WiFi and your other bills included in your rent, this is student life as it should be. 

Newly-refurbished with stylish exposed brickwork (if you’re into the design side of houses), it’s a spacious home with double bedrooms and a fully furnished semi-open plan kitchen/living area.

Thornycroft Road is close to loads of Liverpool’s bars and restaurants, a 24-hour Asda, Sefton Park, the City Centre and Uni. The buses run 24 hours a day too.

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£123 p/w per person (+£21 pppw for bills)
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Price: £123 P/W per person
(+£21 pppw for bills)
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