80 Strathcona Road

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4 Bedrooms
1 bathroom
Double beds
High speed fibre optic internet

We invite you to view this 4 bed apartment in the newly refurbished St Thomas’s church. It has a stunning large window in the open plan living area. And with broadband set-up for when you arrive, and good sized bedrooms for everyone, it has everything you need to have a great time at uni.

Located in a lively student area with shops, bars and restaurants nearby and just a short walk to a 24 hour Asda and a 10 minute walk from Smithdown Road.
With bus routes direct to the Universities a few minutes walk away and free on street parking it makes for a great location for your student house.

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Propery shape
Property unavailable
Bookings for this property are not currently available.
Price: £129 P/W per person (Bills included)
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