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1 Lillico House

£126 p/w per person (+£22 pppw for bills)
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Property: Sandyford Road NE2 1BN View in Maps
Property Status: Under Offer
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5 Bedrooms
Double beds
High speed fibre optic internet
2 Bathrooms

Want a high specification student accommodation with a spacious, well kept courtyard? Then Lillico House is perfect for you!

Newly refurbished with an X Factor look! Lillico house offers premium student bedrooms for you to work and relax. The stunning courtyard will be a perfect place to unwind and host some social gatherings or to simply get some quality time outside.


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£126 p/w per person (+£22 pppw for bills)

*This property is under offer. Email for availability.

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Property under offer
Bookings for this property are not currently available. Email us to check availability.
Price: £126 P/W per person
(+£22 pppw for bills)

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