Apartment 8, Lillico House

£120 p/w per person (+£21 pppw for bills)
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Property: Sandyford Road NE2 1BN View in Maps
Property Status: Available
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Double beds
6 Bedroom house
2 Bathrooms

Students have asked and SweetSpot has answered!

We are delighted to offer a fantastic space in Lillico House to the market. With a refurbishment recently completed in the summer. Our bedrooms are the perfect space to study and relax, with our living rooms offering a great communal to accommodate everyone.

In addition, there is an incredible outdoor courtyard on offer, a perfect area to host social gatherings or some quality time outside.

We have created a fantastic home for you to create long lasting memories!



Propery shape


£120 p/w per person (+£21 pppw for bills)
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Propery shape
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Price: £120 P/W per person
(+£21 pppw for bills)
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