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Apartment 7, St James House

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Property: Portland Terrace NE2 1QQ View in Maps
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6 Bedrooms
Double beds
4 Bathrooms
High speed fibre optic internet

This beautiful apartment, part of a historic Victorian building, has been newly refurbished over the past summer. There is spacious living in all rooms which have been newly furnished with John Lewis furniture. This property has six double bedrooms, three of which are ensuite.

This apartment has a lovely social kitchen lounge area perfect for a hanging out and chatting together.

Don’t waste your time on home hassles. As standard, all our homes have unlimited fibre broadband ready from when you move in, and we pride ourselves on fast responsive maintenance.

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Propery shape
Property unavailable
Bookings for this property are not currently available.
Price: £127 P/W per person
(+£21 pppw for bills)
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