About SweetSpot

  • Where are SweetSpot homes? (top)
    We have homes in ExeterNottingham and Oxford. In general, we always pick homes near to the university and near to shops and amenities.
  • Which houses are available? (top)
    Check out our city pages for ExeterNottingham and Oxford to see which homes are available.

Finding a SweetSpot home

  • How do I apply? (top)

    First, search our properties for one you like and book a viewing on the website. When you book a viewing an account on the website is automatically created for you. You will receive an email with your login username and password for the website where you can access your personal dashboard.

    Then it’s just 4 simple steps:

    Step 1: Pay holding payment - If you attend the viewing and like the property, you can log in to the website using the unique password sent to your email, to make a holding payment and reserve the property temporarily while you and your friends arrange your details. You can make payments online through our secure payment system.

    Step 2: Get approved - In this step you can provide details of your guarantor for a credit check which is completed through our credit-checking agency, FCC Paragon. At this stage you make your security deposit and 1st month’s rent payments online. See Guarantors FAQ for more information.

    Step 3: Sign Tenancy agreement - When you and your housemates have completed the previous stages, and all necessary details have been received, a tenancy agreement will be generated for you. This will be sent to you online for review. You can sign your tenancy agreement online - no scanning needed, just a simple secure online process, making it quicker and easier for you.

    Step 4: Move in! - Prior to moving in you must ensure you have paid your security deposit and 1st month’s rent payments online. Then lastly and most importantly, you'll get the keys and can move in to your new home!

  • How quickly can we view? (top)
    As quickly as you like! Please go to the city page you’d like to live in: ExeterNottingham and Oxford, choose the houses you’d like to see and click ‘arrange viewing’. You can do all of this online, but if you prefer to talk call us on 020 7655 4820 or email hello@sweetspothomes.com
  • Can I choose who I live with? (top)
    Of course! We never put people in homes with people they don’t know. It’s up to you who live with.
  • What can I do to make things smoother on moving day? (top)
    To make things easier when you come to move in please ensure you have completed all the relevant documentation: i.e. paid your first rent instalment and security deposit, provided us with photographic ID and signed your tenancy agreement. Failure to complete and return the necessary documents will inevitably cause you and others delay. You will receive a notification prior to moving in detailing a time and date for you to move in. If the time is not suitable please contact your SweetSpot representative directly to arrange a more appropriate time. We can even arrange a van that can be used on your moving day- just get in touch and tell us how we can help.

What's in a SweetSpot home

  • Will I be able to get online in my room? (top)
    Yes. Every SweetSpot home has Wi-Fi broadband supplied and included in your rent.
  • What cooking equipment is supplied? (top)
    No cooking equipment is supplied but all SweetSpot homes come with a fully fitted kitchen including an oven and hob, a kettle, a toaster, a fridge/freezer and microwave oven.
  • Is a TV provided? Do I need a TV licence? (top)
    All SweetSpot homes come with a TV and a licence so you don’t need to worry about any of that.
  • Is bedding supplied? (top)
    You’ll need to provide your own duvet and pillows
  • Where can I store my bike? (top)
    Please check with your SweetSpot representative as this will depend on the property you decide on.

Living in a SweetSpot home

  • Who is responsible for cleaning my home? (top)
    It is your own responsibility to clean your room. You are jointly responsible for cleaning your home. At the end of the tenancy, flats must be returned in good condition or additional charges may be levied. At the end of the contract, any cleaning required will be charged to you. So it's worth keeping it tidy!
  • Where can I wash my clothes and bedding? (top)
    Each SweetSpot property has a washing machine and sometimes even a dryer.
  • Where can I smoke? (top)
    Smoking is not permitted inside SweetSpot homes.
  • Am I allowed candles? (top)
    Sadly, candles are not permitted. This is because of the fire plan for each home and advised by the local fire authorities. Pretty LEDs and fairy lights do the job though.
  • Can I personalise my room? (top)
    You are responsible for ensuring that you leave your room and flat in the same condition that it was given to you. On arrival you will be met by a SweetSpot representative and an independent inventory clerk who will record the condition of your SweetSpot home and will make note of any changes upon departure. Generally speaking, blu-tac, white-tac or pins put into walls will require re-painting after you have left and you may be charged in line with the tenancy agreement. The management team will carry out room and property inspection during and at the end of your contract.
  • Can I keep a fridge in my room? (top)
    Fridges are not permitted in bedrooms. Arrangements are provided in the kitchen to store chilled foods. If you have a medical condition which requires you to have a fridge in your room evidence of this must be provided for the manager.
  • Will I be able to park my car? (top)
    Car parking depends on the property. Some properties require a car parking permit. A parking permit is obtained from the local council. You can use your a copy of your signed tenancy agreement as proof that you live at your address.
  • Can I bring a wok? (top)
    Woks, frying pans and other cooking materials are permitted, however deep fat fryers and chip pans (the most likely causes of cooking-related fires) are not.
  • Do I need to move out over the Christmas and Easter holidays? (top)
    No! It's your house for the duration of the contract.
  • What about safety? (top)
    All SweetSpot homes are in concordance with the HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) legislation.

About Guarantors

  • Who should my guarantor be? (top)
    A guarantor should be a friend or family member (usually a parent) who is willing to guarantee the rent payments on your behalf. This is standard practice with student rental properties due to your employment status. A guarantor is someone who agrees to sign a guarantee agreement which guarantees your obligations in the tenancy agreement. The guarantor should be in full-time employment or have a work contract in place for the duration of your tenancy. If your guarantor does not have full time employment or a work contract, for example they may be retired, savings statements may be requested to show their ability to guarantee you.
  • Why must my guarantor be based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales? (top)
    Your guarantor should be based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales as the property laws are different outside of different countries. It is not possible to have a guarantor based elsewhere. If you cannot provide a suitable guarantor, you will need to ensure your rent is paid with cleared funds, in full, prior to the start of your contract.

Legal and Financial

  • How does the SweetSpot referral scheme work? (top)
    When you first pay your holding payment to secure your new home, you can now start earning some pocket money. We run a referral scheme, if someone you know or refer to SweetSpot puts down a holding payment for a home, you get £200. All they need to do is add your name in brackets when they book a viewing via our online system. Win win. Read all about it here. 
  • Can I end my contract before the agreed date? (top)
    It is possible to terminate your contract if you can find a suitable replacement for your room. Until someone else has been found and has paid in full you will remain responsible for any payments due under your contract. Please contact the management team before you terminate your contract to agree a suitable successor for your room.
  • Can I change my contract after I have signed it? (top)
    Changes can be made to the contract after it has been signed. Any requests for changes to the contract must be made in writing to the residence in question. Any changes to the contract (such as changes in room standard, contract length or payment plan) will be subject to management discretion.
  • Do I need to pay council tax? (top)
    As a student you are exempt from paying council tax. Your university will provide you with an exemption form at enrolment. Please give this to your SweetSpot representative who will help you. Failure to do this could mean that you will be liable for council tax.
  • When will I get my deposit back? (top)
    When you move out you have a check out inspection by an independent inventory clerk. They judge the change in the condition of the property since you moved in and make allowance for fair wear and tear. If there are any works needed these are quoted for and the quotes shared with you. Any damages will be deducted from your deposit. It is your responsibility to return your room in the same condition as you moved in to it, read about common reasons people lose their deposits here. We are required to send your deposit back within 10 working days of agreeing the deposit return although we tend to do it much quicker than this (often on the day you agree them). All deposits taken by SweetSpot are insured under the Deposit Protection Scheme.
  • Can I pay with foreign currency or travellers cheques? (top)
    SweetSpot cannot accept foreign currency of travellers cheques as payment. We advise that the safest and simplest way to make payment is by a bank transfer, direct debit or standing order at the start of your contract.
  • Will my bank charge me to make a bank transfer? (top)
    Your bank may charge you a fee to make a bank transfer into our account. It is your responsibility to pay this. Please ensure that you transfer enough money to cover both the rent and the transfer fee.
  • What do I do about insurance? (top)
    SweetSpot pays for the insurance of the building itself and the contents which it owns . You must pay for and arrange contents insurance for your personal belongings.
  • How do I make an insurance claim? (top)
    To make a claim you will need to contact your chosen insurance company direct.


  • What counts as an emergency? (top)
    An emergency would be for severe electrical and plumbing problems, such as leaks, or problems with heating or hot water. We will give you a number once you move in to call during problems like this. If there is a power cut, please make sure you check the mains box first to ensure all the switches are up.
  • Non-emergency (top)
    Once you're in your home, we hope nothing goes wrong, but if it does contact your property manager Simon Hill via emaill: simon@sweetspothomes.com, include all the details about the issue and the location (eg. which room). All day-to-day non-emergency maintenance tasks will be dealt with as soon as possible during office hours. (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).
  • What am I responsible for? (top)
    As tenants, you are responsible for changing light bulbs, cleaning filters on appliances, thermostat settings, and not blocking the drains.