Refer a friend to SweetSpot and earn £200!

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It’s that time of year when everyone is looking for a house for next year. Rather than pay money to marketing firms, we’d much rather pay you! If you refer a friend and their group takes a SweetSpot house then you earn £200. It’s as easy as that!

There’s also no limit to the referrals you can make so you could earn well over a thousand pounds. In past years there’s normally one or two people that grab this offer by the horns (eg posting on Facebook) and do really well out of it.

How do I refer a friend? The best thing to do is email us with who you have referred at ‘’ with their name, their contact details, and ideally how big a group they are. Make sure they are ok with you referring them!

Once they sign a contract, we’ll be in touch with you to pay you your £200 (or more)!

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Just launched for 2024-25!