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92 Kimbolton Avenue

£143 p/w per person (+£21 pppw for bills)
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Property: 92 Kimbolton Avenue NG7 1PT View in Maps
Property Status: Under Offer
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5 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Double beds
High speed fibre optic internet

Student asked and SweetSpot delivered!

This lovely, fully refurbished home is in the prime Lenton area off of Derby Road. With high spec interior finish, students can enjoy the ‘work hard-play hard’ life in the comfort of their home!

SweetSpot Homes always maximises student experience and we delighted to offer 92 Kimbolton Avenue.

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£143 p/w per person (+£21 pppw for bills)

*This property is under offer. Email for availability.

Propery shape
Property under offer
Bookings for this property are not currently available. Email us to check availability.
Price: £143 P/W per person
(+£21 pppw for bills)

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